Standardized Products
Standardized Products
Plunger Valve
Plunger valves are an ideal choice for high liquid and high viscosity materials. Even with the application of filling and/or grinding media, as well as single and two-component casting resins, there is no problem. This is why plunger valves are used for filling, sealing, and adhesive bonding applications, as well as for coating thermal conductive paste. Our piston dispensing machine is based on the principle of volumetric dispensing, and the amount of dispensing is determined by the geometric shape and stroke of the relevant cylinder body. During the metering process, the dispensing ratio does not depend on temperature, feed pressure, or material viscosity. Therefore, when using a two-component medium, the ratio of different components of the glue is determined by the mechanical structure. By simultaneously discharging the glue from both cylinders into the mixing tube, the mixing ratio can be ensured to be stable, and the applicable ratio range is 1:1 to 10:1
Product data
VP5001 VP5012 VP5005 VP5022 VP5024 VP5099 VP7201 VP7212 VP7205 VP7222 VP7224 VP7299
number of material components 
1K 2K 1K 2K
1 2 1 2 4 1 1 2 1 2 4 1
volume per shot min./max. (mixing ratio 1:1) ml 0.06/18 0.1/36 0.1/∞ 0.4/45 0.8/90 0.8/∞
lifting min./max. mm 2/45 5/65
piston diameter min. mm 6 10
piston diameter max. mm 23 30
dispensing speed max. ml/s 5 8
dispensing accuracy at min.lift % <5 <5
dispensing accuracy at max.lift % <0.5 <0.3
machine capability index
>1.67(=5 s; at tolerance of 5% ) >1.67(=5 s; at tolerance of 5% )
mixing ratio
1:1~10:1 1:1~10:1
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