Standardized Products
Standardized Products
VS Series Screw Valve
Large capacity integrated solution: The large capacity volumetric screw metering valve is mainly used for measuring sealing adhesive and thermal conductive adhesive. They are designed specifically for the continuous application of paste adhesives, sealants, and sealing materials. Due to its working principle, it allows for very gentle and low pulsation feeding of shear sensitive and high viscosity media   In addition, these systems have good applications in the field of high filling thermal conductive adhesive coating or thermal sealing. Users can also benefit from the shortest downtime and low maintenance costs, thereby reducing overall operating costs
VS series

VS06 VS08 VS10 VS12 VS13
Weight ca. 900g ca. 930g ca. 980g ca. 1400g ca. 1400g
Operating pressure (5) 0 – 16 bar 0 – 16 bar 0 – 16 bar 0 – 16 bar 0 – 16 bar
Maximum dispensing pressure (3)
Max. dispensing pressure (3)
30bar* 21bar* 21bar* 30bar* 30bar*
watery to pasty watery to pasty watery to pasty watery to pasty watery to pasty
Dosing volume ca. 0,12 ml/rev ca. 0,35 ml/rev ca. 1,10 ml/rev ca. 1,70 ml/rev ca. 5,0 ml/rev
Volume flow 1.2~14.4ml/min 3.5~40ml/min 11~125ml/min 17~200ml/min 50~600ml/min
Min. dispensing quantity 0.005ml* 0.03ml* 0.09ml* 0.1ml* 0.3ml*
Dispensing accuracy (1) ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 %
Stator material VisChem (optional VisLas、EPDM) hi-act hi-per hi-tec hi-act hi-per hi-tec VisChem (optional VisLas、EPDM) VisChem (optional VisLas、EPDM)
Material inlet G 1/2“  G 1/2“  G 1/2“  G 1/2“  G 1/2“ 
Material outlet G 1/4“  G 1/4“  G 1/4“  G 1/4“  G 1/4“ 
Wetted parts stainless steel / VisChem  stainless steel / hi-per/ UPE (optional act/tec)  stainless steel / hi-per/ UPE (optional act/tec) stainless steel / VisChem stainless steel / VisChem
Operating conditions 10~100 °C 10~100 °C 10~100 °C 10~100 °C 10~100 °C
max.speed 125rpm* 125rpm* 125rpm* 125rpm* 125rpm*
max.permissible torque 8Nm 8Nm 8Nm 8Nm 8Nm 20bar* 20bar* 20bar* 20bar* 20bar*
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