Standardized Products
Standardized Products
Vacuum Pressure Plate Pump
The vacuum pressure plate pump is designed specifically for conveying high viscosity media from raw material barrels, including three series: SP210, SP260, and SP280. It helps to dock materials without bubbles and almost completely empties the bucket. Alternatively, if there are no standard sized containers, our feeding device can also be equipped with traditional rubber pressure plates
  • Liquid level display and alarm
  • Automatic alarm of empty loader
  • Vacuum pressure plate
  • Reciprocating pump, screw pump, double plunger pump
Product data SP2101 SP2102 SP2601 SP2602 SP2801 SP2802
number of material components  1K 2K 1K 2K 1K 2K
Reciprocating pump delivery rate  with 20 double strokes [l/min] 0.6 - -
Feeding rate [l/min] - 1 -
Dual-piston pump delivery volume  [cm3/stroke] - - 260
Feeding pump Reciprocating pump Screw pump Dual-piston pump
Material feed pressure max. [bar] 100 20 25
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]  900 x 1850 x 700 1500 x 1850 x 700 900 x 1850 x 700 1500 x 1850 x 700 900 x 1850 x 700 1500 x 1850 x 700
Weight (without material) [kg] 200 330 210 350 230 390
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