What are the specific categories of glue filling equipment
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The editor of HOLS (Suzhou) learned that in industry applications, all machines and equipment used for glue pouring, coating, spraying, pouring, and sprinkling are collectively referred to as glue pouring equipment. The application of gluing equipment is very extensive, and it has been widely applied to any process involving gluing technology and fluid control in industrial production

The semi-automatic glue filling equipment can be set in two modes

manual and foot. It can quantitatively dispense glue with the same amount each time, and is easy to operate. It also has a vacuum suction function that can adjust the negative pressure to 0.6 kilograms to ensure that glue with lower concentrations does not drip, and can prevent glue with higher concentrations from drawing. Dripable liquids include quick drying glue, red glue, anaerobic glue, black glue, silicone, SMT red glue, yellow glue, silver glue, silicone, epoxy resin, screw locking glue, lubricating oil, and flux

Fully automatic gluing equipment

The automatic gluing device has a production efficiency several to ten times that of manual gluing. Human machine interface, intuitive and convenient operation. Equipped with spatial 3D function, it can not only walk any chart on a plane, but also walk spatial (multiple planes) 3D maps, Equipped with USB interface for program transmission between different machines. Equipped with vacuum suction function, ensuring no glue leakage or wire drawing. Can be used with a glue filling valve and a large capacity pressure bucket. To improve production capacity efficiency and competitive advantage, equipment can be added according to process requirements

Two component gluing equipment

Also known as dual liquid gluing machine, AB gluing machine, etc., a dual liquid type gluing system (gluing machine) consists of three parts: two pressure buckets (mainly used to provide and store two different types of glue to the gluing valve), and an AB gluing valve (mainly used to mix two types of glue together in different proportions, and after a certain period of time, they will react and solidify), There is also a controller, also known as a glue dispenser (whose main function is to control the amount, frequency, and accuracy of glue dispensing)

Thread glue dispensing equipment

Gluing method: apply glue to each pair of screw teeth one by one; The glue application is accurate and consistent, and the number of teeth and the position of glue application can be set arbitrarily. The improved gluing structure avoids scratching the product with the gluing needle, and avoids tooth jumping due to product errors (there are teeth that have not been glued to the gluing position). The humanized design avoids the potential harm of equipment to personal health. Optional automatic material return function for even and stable dispensing, compact size, and convenient operation of non-metallic material storage device, ensuring that the adhesive material does not thicken over time

Silicone Gel Filling Equipment

Silicone gel filling equipment is independently designed for silicone and other adhesives with poor fluidity and high viscosity. The HOLS (Suzhou)  editor believes that it is particularly suitable for filling and packaging silicone and glass glue products with a volume of 330 milliliters per barrel.
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