How to improve the dispensing effect of the dispensing machine
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The main factors that affect the dispensing effect of the dispensing machine include the size of the needle, the amount of dispensing, the distance between the needle and the working surface, dispensing pressure, viscosity of the glue, curing temperature curve, glue temperature, bubbles in the glue, and fluids that require special settings. So the editor of Helishi believes that improving the effect should also start from these areas.

1: Selection of Needles for Different Glues

Instant glue: Use a safe piston and lined metal needle for water-based instant glue; For thick instant glue, a conical oblique needle is required, and if flexibility is required, a PP needle is used

UV glue: Use an amber syringe, white piston, and angled needle tip
UV curable adhesive: Use a black opaque syringe to avoid photosensitivity

Anaerobic adhesive: use a 10CC syringe and a white PE universal piston

Sealant and paste fluid: If using a white piston with severe rebound, please switch to a safe movable type and use an angled needle

2: the amount of glue applied is generally considered to be half the diameter of the product spacing, which ensures sufficient glue to bond the components and avoids wasting glue.. The length of time determines the amount of glue applied, so the glue application time should be determined based on temperature and the characteristics of the glue

In terms of glue filling pressure, usually too much pressure can cause glue overflow and excessive amount of glue; If the pressure is too low, intermittent glue filling and leakage points may occur, leading to product defects. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust according to factors such as environmental temperature and glue viscosity

3: Besides the factors of the glue dispenser itself, the viscosity of the glue also directly affects the quality of the glue dispensing

If the viscosity is high, the adhesive point will decrease, and even wire drawing may occur; When the viscosity is low, the adhesive point will increase, which may lead to infiltration of the product, and the adhesive temperature should be between 23 ℃ and 25 ℃; The environmental temperature has an impact on the viscosity of the adhesive. As the temperature decreases, the viscosity increases, and the adhesive flow rate correspondingly decreases, making it easy for wire drawing to occur. The curing temperature curve of adhesive is generally provided by the manufacturer, and in practice, higher temperatures should be used as much as possible to solidify the adhesive, so that it has sufficient strength after curing

4: The needle of the glue filling machine usually needs to be selected with an inner diameter of about half of the diameter of the glue filling point. During the glue filling process, the glue filling needle should be selected based on the size of the produced product

5: The distance between the needle and the working surface needs to be well controlled, and it is important to know that different dispensing machines use different needles, each with a specific stopping degree. Therefore, before each operation, the distance between the needle and the working surface needs to be calibrated, that is, the Z-axis height calibration

Finally, the editor of Helishi reminds everyone that glue must not have bubbles. A small bubble can cause many products to lack glue; When replacing the rubber hose midway, the air at the connection should be emptied to prevent the phenomenon of the glue dispenser hitting empty.
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