Common Problems and Characteristics of Vacuum Gluing Machine Inventory
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According to the editor of HOLS (Suzhou) , a vacuum gluing machine is a device used for gluing in a vacuum environment. The biggest difference compared to ordinary forms of glue dispensers is in terms of vacuum pumping, which directly affects the quality of the product. The main application industries include automobile manufacturing, capacitor coil gluing, etc. At the same time, the equipment has good recyclability, which improves production efficiency.

A vacuum gluing machine is based on a regular gluing machine, which extracts all the air from the pipeline pump body to prevent foaming. If the resin produced by the fully automatic vacuum gluing machine still has bubbles, it may be due to the following reasons:

1. The vacuum pump equipped with the gluing machine is not easy to use and cannot remove the bubbles
2. The glue dispenser did not vacuum and defoaming the resin before dispensing
3. Due to the high viscosity of resin adhesive, the vacuum defoaming method needs to be improved
4. It is related to glue and requires secondary defoaming

Machine characteristics

1 Accurate positioning, high accuracy, small operating error, using double-layer linear sliding rails and high-precision balancing devices
2. Powerful electronic control system: Adopting imported original motors, PLCs, touch screens, electronic components, wiring, dust prevention, and anti-static systems all designed according to national standards
3 Accurate dispensing: Imported gear pump is selected, with a dispensing capacity of up to 1.2cc/rpm. Equipped with A and B glue level alarm functions, it can timely prevent the occurrence of glue breakage. The B glue curing agent is also equipped with a glue quantity monitoring device to prevent the problem of glue not drying due to the breakage of B glue
4 Multi filtration system: The glue is filtered from the barrel to the dispensing head using multiple filters to prevent impurities from entering the barrel and causing pump jamming
5. Heating devices can be added and equipped with A glue mixing equipment to prevent sedimentation
6 Easy to clean: The machine adopts a liquid separation and packaging method, only mixing at the dispensing head. After use, remove the mixing tube and soak it in the cleaning solution or clean it directly
7. Integrated design of dispensing and dispensing, with on-demand and fully automatic operation
8 Easy to operate, can store 10 sets of parameters, and call up product parameters during production by pressing the start button
9. The HOLS (Suzhou) editor learned that the vacuum gluing machine uses thickened tempered glass as the window, and all joints are sealed with sealing strips to ensure a vacuum environment for gluing.

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