Description of Main Components of Small Vacuum AB Automatic Gluing Machine
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The editor of HOLS (Suzhou) will explain the main components of a small vacuum AB automatic glue filling machine.

1. Rubber storage bucket

Select the corresponding functions based on the characteristics of the adhesive and customer process requirements. We can equip the material barrel with a mixer, vacuum suction function, vacuum defoaming function, barrel body heating, high/low liquid level sensors, and auxiliary devices such as cut-off ball valves at the bottom of the barrel
1.1 Using stainless steel sheet vacuum pressure bucket, it can withstand the vacuum negative pressure of the rubber bucket
1.2 The glue bucket is equipped with an electric mixer, which prevents the glue from layering during stirring. The heating of the bucket makes the temperature of the glue in the bucket more uniform
The rubber bucket is equipped with high and low liquid level sensors. When the glue is used below the set liquid level, it will automatically alarm to remind to add glue
1.4 The rubber bucket is equipped with a vacuum defoaming function (the defoaming time can be set on the touch screen), which can automatically apply glue through vacuum negative pressure
1.5 The rubber bucket is equipped with a pressure relief ball valve, and a reflux interface and a shut-off ball valve are reserved at the bottom of the bucket
1.6 The glue bucket is equipped with a manual feeding port, and glue can also be manually added at the appropriate time

2. Measurement pump (double cylinder plunger pump)

2.1 Quantitative measurement system, with high ratio accuracy (± 1%), suitable for the ratio of two-component materials with medium and low viscosity
2.2 Imported propulsion equipment further improves sealing alignment and glue supply accuracy, with no leakage during operation
2.3 Stainless steel pump body and stainless steel joint ensure longer pump life and no corrosion
2.4 Equipped with a Daheng high-pressure precision dual liquid rubber valve, equipped with multiple sealing methods and adjustable suction function, making it easy to clean the rubber valve and perform precise dispensing
2.5 Advanced system control, capable of precise programming for dispensing and pre storing multiple dispensing programs
The control system module equipped with self diagnosis function can achieve rapid fault detection
2.7 can achieve continuous dispensing, and the amount of glue can be converted from 1g/s to 13g/s
3. Automatic material mixing system (including dynamic dual liquid valve)

3.1 Dynamic mixing, ensuring full mixing of glue, with built-in stirring detection function
3.2 All stainless steel design of adhesive contact components to achieve higher material compatibility
3.3 The rubber valve has a suction function to prevent further dripping after being turned off
3.4 The sealing components of the pull rod shaft seal adopt original imported components to maintain higher durability
After use, there is no need to disassemble and clean the equipment mixing system. The cleaning time and cleaning frequency can be set on the touch screen.

4. Operation control system

4.1 The glue output is controlled by the speed of the motor to achieve the required amount of glue, and the glue output speed can be adjusted arbitrarily
4.2 With monitoring function, it can detect the speed and running time of the metering pump, ensuring the reliability of the proportion
4.3 Adjustable synchronous glue dispensing adjustment, allowing A/B glue to flow out of the glue valve simultaneously, achieving better mixing effect
Br />4.4 The equipment is equipped with an anti gel timer. When the anti curing time is up, the glue will be automatically discharged to prevent the mixed hose glue from curing
4.5 Customizable single dispensing and continuous dispensing functions to meet different process requirements
The entire control is controlled by Panasonic PLC and the PROFACE touch screen controls the equipment functions
4.7 Reserve PLC communication interface for easy connection with external equipment
4.8 Configure a security interlock mechanism to prevent employee misoperation

The above is the understanding of the main components of the small vacuum AB automatic glue filling machine by the HOLS (Suzhou)  editor.
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