What is the difference between a glue dispenser and a dispensing machine?
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In industrial manufacturing, there are automated machines that specialize in controlling fluids and dribbling and coating them onto the surface or interior of products, including glue dispensing machines, coating machines, and dispensing machines. What is the difference between glue dispensing machines and dispensing machines

The glue dispenser, also known as the AB glue dispenser, is an automated machine that specifically controls the fluid and drips, coatings, and seals the liquid onto the surface or inside the product, achieving sealing, fixation, waterproofing, and other functions. Generally, two-component glue is used. The dispensing machine, also known as the glue coating machine, drip glue machine, glue dispensing machine, etc., is specifically designed to control the fluid. An automated machine that drips and coats the fluid onto the surface or interior of the product, achieving three-dimensional and four-dimensional path dispensing, precise positioning, precise glue control, no drawing, no leakage, and no dripping

The dispensing machine is mainly used for precise dispensing, injection, application, and dripping of glue, paint, and other liquids in the product process to the precise position of each product. It can be used to achieve dispensing, drawing lines, circular or arc shapes
The most straightforward difference between a glue dispenser and a dispensing machine is that glue dispensing is aimed at products with large amounts and areas of application, while dispensing is more focused on fine products with small areas

The glue dispenser is suitable for large areas and large quantities of glue. The cost of the glue dispenser is much higher than that of the dispensing machine. If the monthly usage is within a few hundred kilograms, it is generally not considered to use a glue dispenser, manual operation or dispensing machine 

The specific differences between glue dispensers and dispensing machines are as follows:

1. Different glue control methods: Currently, most dispensing machines on the market still rely mainly on air pressure to control the dispensing process. Of course, there are now some machines that do not require air pressure control, while dispensing machines mainly rely on a metering pump to control the dispensing process. The amount of dispensing is adjusted by adjusting the pump speed.At present, the main metering pumps on the market are: gear pumps (mainly used for unfilled glue), screw pumps (mainly used for filled glue, wear-resistant), plunger pumps (also known as ceramic pumps, super wear-resistant, but expensive). Therefore, when choosing a glue dispenser, everyone depends on their own products and the properties of the glue used to consider which pump is most suitable, Ruicheng Automation will recommend cost-effective equipment to customers based on their actual requirements <

2. Different sizes of dispensing volume: Relatively speaking, the minimum dispensing volume of the dispensing machine is larger than that of the dispensing machine, and the maximum dispensing volume of the dispensing machine can reach more than ten to twenty grams per second, while the dispensing machine has a smaller dispensing volume. Some dispensing machines can achieve a minimum dispensing volume of 0.001g.

3. Different dispensing accuracy: Relatively speaking, the dispensing accuracy of the dispensing machine is higher than that of the dispensing machine

4. Different applicable adhesives: Generally speaking, the dispensing machine is mainly suitable for two-component AB adhesives such as silicone, epoxy resin, crystal glue, polyurethane, and other two-component adhesives. And the glue dispenser is mainly suitable for single component glue, such as UV glue, EPOXY (black glue), white glue, EMI conductive glue, instant glue, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, heat dissipation paste, solder paste, transparent paint, screw fixing agent, etc. In recent years, due to technological progress, glue dispensers are no longer limited to only suitable for single component glue. Currently, there are also many glue dispensers that can be used for two-component glue.
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